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Vanchai. Home Decor Sustainable D2C. Dried Flower and Bouquet Supplier. Interior Product. Dry Preserved Leaves and Organic.

वANछाI, our brand name, embodies our values of sustainability and free trade in multiple ways. The name derives from the words वन , which means forest and छाई, which means ash as well as life. We began our brand with the belief - from the earth and back to earth, a circle of life. With the name “Vanchai” our hope is to instil that sustainability isn’t a choice, but the only way forward.

Our Story

Our brand unearths at an intersection of our passions – travelling, design and sustainability. In this time where consumption is the heart of commerce, we want you to shop your values and your journey. While holding the indispensability of an absorbing design in high regard, we prioritize the planet and the people of the planet – we believe in empowering the artist and assisting nature. वanछाi is a showcase of our Home Furnishing products crafted with the help of artisans from the remote villages of India and designs inspired from the edges of the world.

It all began in July 2020 when a single design made 3 people from different states with different aspirations come together to start this beautiful venture. Exploring age-old artisan techniques with ethically sourced organic materials that are easy to decompose goes hand in hand with our values that embody that we give the earth, only what we take from it.

While Monalisa Mazumdar, textile design graduates and travellers by heart, wanted their designs to be influenced by the bygone arts of outlying places, Raja  Bose’s ambitions were to create employment and empower the real people of the country. We provide you with a store that is more than a store, it is a platform where you can help India grow by directly contributing to the core of the country, help the planet live its last breaths a little bit later and find your reflection with our handcrafted products.

Our story

Our Mission

Create Employment

Organic & Eco-Friendly

Economically marginalized Communities 

Reduce  Reuse Recycle

Save Traditional Artisans

Our Values


We believe in minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment and in helping others, who have similar values, achieve the same. Our priority is to promote products that are safely made, with ethically sourced materials, to make your home a reflection of your beliefs.


We believe in ensuring that artisans are paid fair living wages in safe working conditions. Our raw materials are local to the regions our manufacturing takes place, helping us help the economy of the villages. Our aim is to create economic opportunities for each artisan who has put his trust in us.


We believe in empowering the vulnerable communities and getting to know the people behind the products. When you buy a handmade product, you buy countless hours of failure and experimentation and moments of pure joy. You don’t just buy a product; you buy the time for the artist to do something they are passionate about. Our products are the hopes and dreams of many artisans and their families – to live and to survive.


We believe in promoting the forgotten arts and techniques. Keeping alive the rich cultural heritage of our country is an important task that we want to be a part of. We are proud designers of products that culminate contemporary designs with traditional artistry.

Our Values

Meet The Team

Monalisa Mazumdar. Vanchai Co-Founder

Monalisa Mazumdar

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Aspires to change acrylic to sustainable and organic

Raja Bose. Vanchai Co-Founder

Raja Bose

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Believes the mission is bigger than the individual

Vanchai. Home Decor Sustainable D2C. Dried Flower and Bouquet Supplier. Interior Product. Dry Preserved Leaves and Organic.

Nikhil Patel

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Promotes Artisan Made Along with sustainability

Meet the team

Our Products

Our Fabrics

Organic Cotton

(Kala Cotton)

Locally Sourced from INDIA


No pesticides and synthetic fertilizers


Whenever we hear the word Organic, we know the product is good – not necessarily tasty but definitely good – good for you and good for the environment. Unlike the importance of organic food, the importance of organic cotton is easily forgotten but choosing organic cotton is a choice for a better present as well as a better future. Cotton is the most commonly cultivated crop in the world and we choose to be organic because organic cotton is an old-world cotton, genetically pure, grown without the use of any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The crop is rain fed and has high tolerance for diseases and pests, moreover it helps sustain a number of poor farmers and their families in our country.  What attracted us to the place first was its art of weaving – Bhujodi and the artists behind it, the people of Bhuj. We then discovered the soft breathable fabric and fell in love with it. Our brand aims to make you fall in love with the old traditions and help the country grow a little with each purchase.

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