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Discover Sustainable Style with Vanchai's Cane Creations

Handmade goods are seeing a resurgence as consumers seek unique, eco-conscious products that support artisans. Cane in particular offers versatility for crafters and environmental benefits as a fast-growing, biodegradable material.

At Vanchai, we work with skilled artisans across India who turn cane into striking home decor and accessories using centuries-old techniques. Our cane baskets, trays, coasters, and more add natural beauty to any space.

Cane grows abundantly across humid regions of India. Harvesting and working with cane provides income for rural communities. Since it regenerates rapidly, cane is one of the most sustainable crops. It requires no chemicals to grow and is biodegradable.

Vanchai's cane products are hand-woven using water-based dyes and locally sourced materials. Each item is a small work of art showcasing our artisans' talent. We pay them fair wages while allowing them to preserve treasured skills.

Beyond livelihoods, cane crafting enables self-expression and cultural continuity. The intricate patterns and motifs have been passed down for generations. Vanchai celebrates both the artistry and sustainability of cane goods.

Bring eco-conscious style into your life with Vanchai's cushions, trays, baskets, and more. Our cane creations make stunning gifts and additions to any home.

Discover our cane collection today at and see how handmade and sustainable can be simultaneously chic.



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