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  • Eco Friendly | Sustainable | Handcrafted | Made in India
  • Colour Base – Natural Indigo
  • Block Print – Ajrak
  • Base fabric (front and back) – Organic Cotton.
  • Embellishment – Kantha Hand Embroidery and metal sequins
  • Ajrak is a block-printed textile that is resist-dyed using natural dyes. including indigo and madder. It is made by the Khatris community in Kutch, Gujarat and is distinguished by its colour- blue with red - and its complex geometric & floral patterns. Its name is derived from 'azarak', 'blue' in Arabic & Persian. 


    Uplift the spirit of your cosy space with vibrant handcrafted cushion covers. Make a mix & match of diverse colours & crafts or add a punch of colour to your subdued furnishing. Adorned with subtle details of metal sequins & handcrafted done Kantha embroidery, our assorted range of cushion covers will add a bling to your home decor. A home with an ethnic dimension is a close call of classy and a traditional makeover.

  • This is a handwoven fabric that is made on handlooms. It is Organic cotton also known as Kala Cotton.
  • Be assured, each product featured in this set has been independently selected and reviewed by our team.
  • Since these products are handmade, they may have slight irregularities. Shall not be considered as a defect

Ajrak Handcrafted Organic Cotton Cushion cover (14" x 35")