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🌿 Discover the Natural Benefits and Sustainable Advantages of Using Unglazed Clay Cookware 🌿 🥦 Health Benefits 🥦 Chemical-Free Cooking: Unglazed clay cookware is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials often found in modern non-stick cookware. This ensures that your food remains pure and uncontaminated. Enhanced Nutrient Retention: Cooking with clay pots can help retain the natural nutrients of your food. The slow cooking process allows for gentle heating, preserving vitamins and minerals that are often lost in high-temperature cooking methods. 🌍 Sustainability 🌍 Eco-Friendly Material: Clay is a natural, biodegradable material that has minimal impact on the environment. Unlike metal or plastic cookware, it doesn’t require extensive mining or processing, reducing its carbon footprint. 🍃 Natural Living 🍃 Authentic Taste: Clay cookware can enhance the flavors of your food. The porous nature of unglazed clay allows for slow evaporation of steam, which helps in creating rich, deep flavors and tender textures. Traditional Cooking Methods: Using clay pots connects you with ancient cooking traditions, promoting a slower, more mindful approach to meal preparation. This can transform cooking from a chore into a meditative, enjoyable activity.

Terracotta Pot/Handi Set with lid for Sugar, Honey, Dahi Handi

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  • 🍃 Clay Curd Pot with Lid for Storage/Clay Handi/MItti Handi, 1000ML, 500Ml, 300ML. This handi comes in Brown. Storage in clay vessels has a long history, stretching back to at least the ancient Roman times.

    🍃 Material - Terracotta 

    🍃 Size Variation - 3

    🍃 Size - 12 cm (H) * 17 cm (B)

                       9 cm(H) * 13 cm (B)
                       8 cm (H) * 11 cm (B)

    🍃 Clay Pots Are Healthy for Your Heart, Maintain the nutritive value, Neutralize the pH level, Cut down oil consumption, Add more nutrients, Add an earthy flavor & It is very Economical.

    🍃 Unglazed clay pot and lid must be completely submerged in water for at least 15 minutes before assembling your meal. Being porous the pot absorbs moisture during soaking. As the pot is slowly heated, the clay slowly releases steam from its pores which gently cooks the food. This prevents foods from drying out. Natural juices and flavors are retained in the pot, while nutrient content is preserved.

    🍃 After washing, make sure the pot is thoroughly dry before storing it. Store the clay pot with the lid off, allowing air to circulate. Or invert the lid and place a paper towel between the pot and the lid to prevent chipping. Store your earthenware in dry and well-ventilated areas. This eliminates the risk of mold growth inside the pot.

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