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This charming Vanchai candle holder is a versatile piece of home decor, handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans. Made from natural, biodegradable terracotta clay, it's an eco-friendly choice. Fill it with oil for a traditional diya or use a tealight for a modern touch. The lid keeps dust out and adds a touch of elegance. This beautiful and unique piece is a great gift for any occasion. ⚜️ Modern and Ethnic Harmony: Enhances your decor by combining both modern and ethnic design elements, creating a distinctive ambiance in your home.

Terracotta Candle Holder, Tealight Holder, Sambrani Holder, Dhoop Dani

SKU: VA0019
₹999.00 Regular Price
₹699.00Sale Price
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  • 🏺 Handmade from clay material

    🏺 Round shape with an elegant geometric perforation pattern 

    🏺 Perfect harmony of modern and ethnic design

    🏺 Bottom-layered design for easy candle placement

    🏺 Perforations allow light to reflect beautifully.

    🔅 Magnificent Light Reflection: The perforated pattern allows the candlelight to illuminate your room beautifully, creating impressive shadows.

    🔘 Easy to Use: The bottom-layered design makes placing candles inside easy, ensuring practical and user-friendly usage.

    🪔 Redefine Your Home Atmosphere: Terracotta candle holders provide a perfect way to add warmth and invitation to your home, beautifying your atmosphere.

    ✨️These candle holders stand out with their aesthetic design and practical use, making them an ideal choice as a visually appealing and functional decoration element. These terracotta candle holders are perfect for bringing elegance and warmth to your home.

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